PROSPEED '14-18 C7 Corvette A2W Trunk Ice Tank with Pump

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Introducing our air to water intercooler trunk ice tank for the C7 Corvette platform. This adds 5 gallons of extra fluid capacity while allowing use of ice to bring IATs to sub ambient temperatures! It conveniently mounts in the drivers side trunk storage cubby hole to maintain easy access to the rear fuse box normally covered up by other tanks. This tank features full .125 aluminum construction complete with precision in house tig welding, cnc cut fittings, large 6.00" lid kit, and an high flow internal Rule 3700 water pump. Works with factory and aftermarket internally intercooled superchargers as well as any external air to water intercooler!

** Requires trimming of carpet and drilling of body for mounting bolts and hoses **

** Comes with Plastic lid ** 

** Made to order part - please allow 3 to 5 weeks  **