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LG Motorsports G5 Camaro Solid Subframe Mounts

LG Motorsports G5 Camaro Solid Subframe Mounts

$ 589.95

Tired of not being able to put the power down like you should in your new Camaro?  Wheel hop still an issue?  Nervous feeling under braking or through a fast corner?  With LG Motorsports solid subframe mounts you can now completely remove any movement of the factory Camaro rear subframe cradle.  This will give you a better feel for the car as the control arms, shocks, and springs will be doing their job rather than moving the cradle.  Drag racers, road racers, and street cars will all benefit from this by giving you more forward bite on the car and a smoother more controlled launch.  No more will the car feel nervous through the corners or under hard braking. 

Our kit comes with both forward and rear mounts and precise aluminum sleeves to positively locate your cradle in the car. 

Street car customers will still find this a good modification as the control arms and differential are still mounted in rubber to isolate this from road noise. 

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