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LED Concepts UBER-Flex LED Strip (Single Color)

LED Concepts UBER-Flex LED Strip (Single Color)

$ 30.00

The UBER-Flex is a one-of-a-kind, highly flexible LED light strip designed in-house by LED Concepts Lighting. The UBER-Flex features tight groupings of LEDs to ensure a seamless glow while maintaining maximum brightness. The most amazing feature of the strip is its unmatched flexibility. The strips can be flexed into a full circle which unlocks entirely new realms of possibilities in terms of builds for your customers while producing brighter more gap-less LED displays. The UBER-Flex also features LED Concepts’ signature external drivers which allow for better heat dissipation and guarantee a longer life span of the LED. We guarantee you’ll be wowed by the new possibilities created using the UBER-Flex and so will everyone who sees them on your ride!

The UBER-Flex LED Strip is currently available in White, Amber, and Red. Limited sizes available for Red currently. Uber-Flex strips are sold in Pairs

The UBER-Flex LED Strips can be cut and re-soldered every 3 LEDs. However, they use an external driver which is set per number of LEDs. So lets say for example you have a 12" Strip. You can cut and re-solder the strip into two 6" segments, but before putting power to the two strips they must absolutely first be hooked back up to the driver. Failure to do so will result in burnt out LEDs which will not be covered under warranty.

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