DSX Tuning Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit for 2014-2017 CHEVY SS

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The DSX Tuning Aux Pump Kit is the original and budget friendly alternative to big fuel supply with a simple installation.  There's no need to get inside of the factory fuel tank, as this system taps into the tank and uses an external pump that ties back into the factory feed line.  With the help of the factory fuel pressure control module, the ECM always knows what your fuel pressure is even when the aux pump kicks on to give a huge boost in pressure and flow.

The heart of the system is a DSX Tuning proprietary PnP controller that plugs into the MAP sensor.  There's no need to tap vacuum lines or install a Hobbs switch as the DSX Tuning controller utilizes the electrical signal from the MAP to trigger the pump.  The controller is incorporated into an easy to install harness with minimal connections to ensure the end user doesn't have to do any wiring.  The pump is activated at 10psi, and shuts off when falling below 7psi.  CUSTOM TRIGGER POINTS ARE AVAILABLE!

If you need a lower trigger point, please put that in the notes so that a custom trigger can be made to activate at a lower boost level.

The system features Teflon coated crimped fuel lines sourced manufactured with USA components to ensure leak free operation and corrosion resistance against ethanol for the life of the vehicle as well as inhibit any fuel smell from seeping through the hose.  The pump is mounted under the vehicle, and all mounting hardware is supplied so the user has a 100% complete kit to perform the installation.  Drilling the fuel tank is required for installation, and an available drill and tap is available for an extra charge.

Installation time is roughly two hours and can be done on jack stands.  It is recommended to have a low level of fuel in the tank before installation.

This kit can be installed prior to tuning, but in order to take full advantage you will need HP Tuners or EFILive tuning software and access to a dyno / competent tuner.