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This 10-rib conversion allows the complete conversion to a 10-rib system on the Camaro/CTS-V LT4 blower drive and includes everything needed except the upper pulley. This adds two ribs forward to the system. Click here to order the correct Magnuson 2650 upper. You will need to specify the size of the lower pulley you'd like with the system.

Included in this conversion:

  • GM LT5 tensioner (~20% more tension than stock LT4)
  • DSX tensioner bracket w/ smooth idler
  • DSX 68mm smooth idler
  • DSX 89mm (OEM diameter) ribbed idler for tensioner bracket
  • DSX 70mm (OEM diameter) ribbed idler for water pump
  • DSX Anysize 10-rib lower for ATI 918856 damper or Innovator's West damper (default is ATI, please contact us if you have IW)