BMR 2010 - 2011 Chevy Camaro End Link Kit For Sway Bars, Front

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Reduce End Link deflection and increase sway bar effectiveness with heavy duty Sway Bar End Links from BMR Suspension. Upgrading sway bars on this platform has proven to bend the weak 3/8” diameter OE end links when subjected to aggressive driving maneuvers.

BMR’s front end links are made from heavy duty 7/8” diameter tubing and utilize high quality OE-style tie rods on each end. The tie rods used for this application feature a full 60 degrees of articulation, forged steel body, a completely sealed joint, and wrench flats on the stud to make installation much simpler than the OE Allen setup. BMR End Link Kits will outperform the OE end links in your Camaro, providing you the stability and control necessary for high performance driving.