BMR 2010 - 2011 Chevy Camaro End Link Mounting Brace, Rear Lower Control Arm

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The sway bar tabs on the OE control arm have proven to be failure-prone when stiffer aftermarket sway bars are installed. The nature of the design itself along with the thin OE material just cannot withstand the additional loading created from higher rate sway bars. BMR has a simple bolt-in solution that not only resolves this issue but can be installed in 45 minutes or less!

Made from 3/16" laser-cut plate, the design bolts to existing mounting holes in the control arms upper bracing. The BMR End Link Mounting Brace simply slips under the OE mount and mimics the OE shape. This not only spreads the load out over a greater area but also reinforces the mounting hole with an additional 3/16" of plate thickness.

NOTE: On 2012 models, these tabs are only necesarry if you are using a pre-2012 style sway bar.