SWS Street Sweeper Camshaft Package

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Incredibly matched and consistently Dyno Proven, our SWS Street Sweeper Camshaft Package is 2nd to none.  Picking up 65 to 70 rear wheel horsepower on bolt on LS3 Cars, this is a camshaft swap for the true Saturday night hustler.  Pulls hard from 3500 RPMS all the way through 6700+ RPMS!!!  

This is the Camshaft that you have been waiting for.  

With 5 degrees of timing built into a 113 Lobe Separation Angle, this bumpstick drives better than a stock camshaft and sounds incredible.  

Combined with Brian Tooley Polished Dual Springs, (choice of either Steel or Titanium) retainers, seats and locks, new Valve Seals and Hardened Pushrods, this package is near impossible to beat!  

Stop coming in second place.....step up to the SWS Street Sweeper Camshaft today.   


**Suggested pushrod length is 7.400" however it is always recommended to measure for each individual application.