PROSPEED '08-15 CTSV Front Mounted 3 Gallon Heat Exchanger Tank

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PROSPEED is proud to release our newest product for the CTSV in our PROSPEED series of products. This tank takes the place of the OEM washer bottle and surrounding area, adding a total of 3 gallons to the existing system, and also allows easy and fast filling/bleeding of the system. The location positions it far away from heat produced by the headers and other engine components, it also allows a large capacity without having to loose the spare tire area which forces long line lengths that produce more pressure in the system, in turn decreasing flow. The tank features full .125" aluminum construction, hand tig welded in house, with 3/4" fluid inlet and outlet, with a -8AN drain bung. *PROSPEED windshield washer relocation kit required to retain windshield washers (sold separately) *For quick draining optional PROSPEED AN Quick drain kit available (sold separately)